The journey
It's just begun
Abel was a teenager when he started B-Boy breakin, poppin' and lockin' in Sydney outside HOYTS George Street and editing mixtapes recorded from ABC Radio Double JJ featuring Tim Ritchie. Abel recalls, ‘All the elements came together; Electro, Breakin, Scratchin, MC, Graffiti and Fashion, I fell in love with electronic music, futuristic sounds. Arcade games, Space Invaders’.

Photo image of Abel breakin with his crew, live performance at The Spanish Club Liverpool Street Sydney 1984.

Dancing all night long at the Hordern Pavilion dance parties
Jackin the house
All night long at the Hordern Pavilion RAT Parties, Sweatbox Parties, FUN Parties, and Dance Delirium. Including Sydney Clubs The Exchange, The Freezer, Spagos and Daily Planet. Abel learnt how to DJ watching Pee Wee Ferris play at The Freezer on Saturday nights.

Abel mixing records on his first pair of Technics Turntables
In his folks garage learning the art of beat mixing and programming. Mostly acid house, new beat, early techno and house. 12 inch imports from Belgium, Holland, Italy, US and UK. Purchased from Central Station Records Pitt Street, Reachin Records, Floppy Disk, Goodgroove, Disco City, Red Eye Records and Warped Records.

Abel’s first DJ gig
The Trap Door Pitt Street Sydney. Pop-up rave promoted by Ming D.

Abel recalls “it was in an underground warehouse on Pitt Street. I played after Sugar Ray. I’d been practicing every day in my folks garage for a couple of years before I thought I was ready to play live. The nerves kicked in, and still do, to this day.“

The Early 90s marked the “Summer of Love” for the Sydney rave scene.
Abel’s earlier success in promoting events lead him to join forces with Sydney DJ Ming D bringing Sydney and it’s surrounding countryside together, the legendary Happy Valley held at Windsor in 1991 was born.

Green Acres mix tapes were inspired by the Sydney rave scene and the Australian bush.

Along with his brother A Polo, Abel catered to the city’s exploding rave scene with parties in obscure venues including Midnight Madness held at the Darling Harbour Fun Park and Mixed Beans held in warehouses around industrial inner Sydney.
Over the following years, Abel promoted various successful parties including Bent at the Cell Block Theatre. Platform 31 at Central Station’s historical Mortuary Railway Station and Watch Wyle U Dance at The Footbridge Theatre, Sydney University.

When most raves were held in dusty warehouses around inner Sydney.
The late great Paul Holden (RIP) approaches Abel to be a resident DJ at STUN on Wednesday nights held at Neo Pharaoh a shiny polished marble floor nightclub in the heart of the city. Paul will always be remembered for his contributions to the rave community. His music lives on!!
Abel tours India, Goa, Pune
It wasn’t just the full moon parties it was the Indian culture, the people, the food, the colours and the chaos all in sync.’

Playing alongside Raja Ram. Meeting with Ray Castle, Goa Gill, Sven Vath and Juno Reactor. Abel recalls ‘We DJ'd at Full Moon parties using DAT walkmans because it was easy to travel with but Sven Vath rocks up with a turntable in each hand. Flex!!’

Music production release ‘The Hoong and I’
Limited release on clear vinyl. RIP HJ ‘Hoong’ KIM. The record launch was held to a packed crowd on the top floor of Kinselas who witnessed DJ Abel breakdancing and rapping live. The return of Breakin’ 10 years on.
1993 DJ tour India Goa
India, Goa, Pun
It wasn’t just the full moon parties it was also the Indian culture, the people, the food, the colours and the chaos all in sync.
By the mid 90s, new electronic sounds were shaping the club scene.
Abel Toro and Mike McKeon decided that Sydney needed a midweek club night where new school breakbeat and old school hip hop could be heard. Warm Up at Mr Goodbar was launched.

It attracted visiting celebrities, international guest DJs and some of Australia’s best homegrown talent. Adam Freeland declared Warm Up his favourite international club night while Carl Cox described Abel’s set the night he visited as the most diverse he had ever heard.

Celebrity club goers included Kiefer Sutherland, Marilyn Manson and The Stone Roses. Alongside international guest DJs included; Dmitry from Deee-Lite, The Wise Guys, DeeJay Punk Roc, Roni Size, Headrillaz, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Les Rhythmes Digitales visited the decks.

Warm Up supported local talent and helped establish Australian homegrown DJ‘s, with regular appearances by The Rapid Fire Breakers. Over its five year season it played a major role in the resurgence of breakdance culture in Australia, from old school hip hop to new school break beats.

Street Press interviews
with 3D World, Revolver, Juice and DJ Magazine UK.
Live on TV
Abel guest DJ’s for Network Ten's "Good News Week" with Paul McDermott & Marcia Hines, including SBS Music Jamboree with John Safran.
Big Day Out Sydney, supporting The Chemical Brothers & Primal Scream at the Hordern Pavilion.
Abel recalls ‘Playing alongside the Chems was surreal I’m a massive fan from the beginning of their career, when they were the 'Dust Brothers'. Extra special gig for me to DJ at the Hordern Pavilion a place which was my stomping ground for many years in the mid to late 80s.’ Thanks and respect to Ken West (RIP) and Ben Suthers for trusting me to rock the house!!
Abel embarked on a European Tour
Visiting his motherland Spain, playing at Amnesia’s Cream in Ibiza and onto the Berlin Love Parade and Zurich Street Parade.
DJ mix compilation release
‘States Of Dance’ on Sony Dance. Breakbeats, Big Beats, Drum and Bass. John Ferris helped get this released. I had lots of fun compiling and mixing The Prodigy, The Chems, Freestylers and Josh Abrahams. The mix was inspired by our club night ‘Warm Up’ held at Sydney’s Mister Goodbar nightclub.’

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