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Midnight Madness 2

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Midnight Madness 2 -Dj Abel Recording
Sydney Darling Harbour Fun Park. April Fools Day 1993.
30 Year anniversary. Dj Mix album 60mins.
One day in early 93 I visited Darling Harbour Fun Park and asked the manager if the park would be
interested in putting on a rave, the manager said yes we close to the public at midnight why
don’t you open at midnight and go till 8am in the morning? I said yeah that sounds good let’s call the party Midnight Madness haha. True story.
All the rides were in full effect including the roller coaster and dodgems, while the raving went on till dawn. Now days, would have been great to see drone footage of the rave (lasers + loud speakers + 1200 ravers) in the middle of Sydney Darling Harbour all night long and the beat goes on!
Part of the lost Dat tapes series.
Techno – Trance – Acid.
UK. Belgium. German. Italian. US. Vinyl Imports.


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